two parents holding their kids sitting down

Just Talk

What are 3 qualities of a good friend? Do you have them?

What are some holidays that your friends celebrate that you don’t?

Why do you think people say/do mean things?

What are the benefits of saving money?

If you turned off the TV, phone, tablets, and video games for a month, what would you do?

Would you rather give or receive?  Why?

Do you have a goal? 

Do you think it is important to know a foreign language?

Do you think having a lot of money is important?  Why or why not?

What do your friends like most about you?

How will you know if you are a grown-up?

How are you different from others?  How can we celebrate our differences?

What would you like to do to help others?

What is the nicest thing someone has ever done for you?

What makes you angry?

What would you do if someone gave you a gift you already had?

What is something you would like to learn to do?

Is it ok to lie?

Do you know anyone famous?

What is your most prized possession?

Is there a rule at home or school you would like to change?

Where would you take someone who is visiting you?

What do you appreciate about your family?

Name all your pets…

What is the most special day of the week at your house? Why?